17 Weeks (Twin Baby Bump)

I am now 17 weeks pregnant with the twins and seem to be feeling a bit better than I was as far as morning sickness goes. I have not had to take a Zofran for nausea in 4 days now.

We also received exciting news this week when I went to get my regular checkup with our specialist. We found out the genders of the babies and are definitely having boys. I know this because I asked him to check a good three times to make sure he was right.  At first I must say I was slightly disappointed that there was no girl there but I'm over it as much as I wanted a girl apparently it's just not in the cards for me at this time maybe not ever because I'm not sure yet if I want to go through all this again and take the chance of having yet another boy so for now it is what it is and I'm gonna be happy with all four of my wild little boys.

On another bright note I started feeling them moving around this week. I have been feeling them for a couple weeks now however I wasn't quite sure if it was them or not, but now I know it is for sure them moving around.

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