19 Weeks Pregnant (Twins)

How far along?  19 weeks

Maternity clothes? No, however I did have to go and buy larger sized jeans today. I can no longer buttons or zip up my other jeans.

Weight Gain? 25lbs so far

Stretch Marks? Yes but no new ones still have the same ones from my first baby

Sleep? Sleep seems to be okay however it is getting harder and harder the bigger my belly gets and as of right now I get up once at about 3-4am to go pee every single night.

Sickness?  No more morning sickness! It's finally gone for good I believe it's been about two weeks since I got sick.

Movement?  Lots and lots of movement I am really feeling them move this week and can even see them on the outside at times.

What I miss? Being able to just wake up and get dressed its a HUGE task these days finding anything to wear that fits and if it does fit does it look good?

Food cravings? At the moment I really want a hot fudge sundae

Food aversions? Barbeque sauce

What I’m looking forward to: My O.B. appt. on Tuesday

Things I wish people knew:  Lately it's been whenever someone learns that the twins are boys and  that I already have two older boys and they say "OH I feel so bad for you!". Yes I DID want a girl and YES one girl would have been nice who doesn't want to experience raising boys AND girls? however it's NOT the way it turned out and there is nothing wrong with boys and as long as they are healthy and happy that's all that matters so I wish people would quit telling me they feel sorry or bad for me.

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