Graduation and What's Next...

It's official! I am beyond excited that all my hard work has finally paid off and I have completed 1500 hours in the state of Michigan to get my cosmetology license. I still have to go and take my boards but I am planning on getting that out of the way as soon as possible. There is nothing worse than being out of school and the salon in limbo for months and then going back and trying to take your boards. Even though I don't plan on jumping right into a salon until after these babies are born I want to get it done while everything I have learned is still fresh in my mind. Here are some pictures from my last day of school.

What's next?  Well I am thinking I will start designing full-time again creating websites, business cards, blogs, etc...It's what I love to do in my free time so while I'm home and now have the time to focus on bigger custom projects why not? It will be extra income for the household and it doesn't require me standing on my feet for 8hours a day. I also have been thinking once I have these babies I'm going to return to school, but to finish my bachelor's degree in graphic design YAY! I'm excited and can't wait the future is looking bright from here.

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